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1) Tips On Geese Prevention

Whether football, baseball, soccer or lacrosse, nothing ruins the condition of a playing field or a campus faster than a flock of resident Canada geese. A single Canada goose can eat up to 3 lbs. of turf and defecate up to 2 lbs. per day, rendering carefully tended fields and grounds not only a mess but also a potential slip and fall hazard to players, students, staff and visitors.
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2) New Goose Repellant Popular with Commercial Landscapers

As most lakefront homeowners know, some of the most unwelcome residents are Canadian geese, which, once they settle in, don’t want to leave. Year round, they devour lawns and soil property. People chose to locate near water for the scenery, but not if geese droppings dominate the view.
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3) Property Managers Seek Solution to Evict Geese

To evict turf-damaging “resident” Canada geese, each pooping up to two pounds a day, property managers are turning to an EPA-approved goose repellent.
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