Save Money & Reduce Risk with FlightControl® PLUS

Property managers use FlightControl® Plus to humanely move geese to feeding and nesting grounds away from areas where human/goose interaction poses a hazard to either species.

Reduce costs of:

  • Unnecessary Labor for cleaning, sweeping, power washing and other means of removal of feces from commercial properties and golf courses
  • Turf Repair of overgrazed turf on golf courses, commercial properties, and residential properties, including repair due to unnecessary soil erosion
  • Lost Revenue from reduction in property value and/or rent derived from rented properties due to unsightliness and reduction of curb appeal

Reduce potential lawsuit liability from:

  • Accidental contamination to medical and laboratory facilities, food production facilities and restaurants, or other "sterile" industrial or research sites
  • Slipping on feces
  • Injuries from aggressive goose behavior while defending nests
  • Injuries and property damage from automobile and airplane strike hazards

Protect health of children and adults:

  • By removing feces which can create conditions that allow diseases, viruses, bacterial infections and parasites

Restore recreational areas which have been rendered less desirable or unusable:

  • Common areas
  • Walking paths
  • Theme park grounds
  • Corporate picnic areas
  • Golf Courses

FlightControl® PLUS is a goose deterrent with a difference. First of all, during the dormant season it only needs to be applied once on the turf as it is water and snow resistant. Secondly, it's not made from methyl anthranilate (MA), which has an unpleasant odor.*

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