FlightControl® PLUS Certified Applicators

Studies have proven that birds, once conditioned, will not eat food sources treated with the active ingredient in FlightControl® Plus. To be effective, proper application to the turfgrass is essential. Misapplication and/or an incomplete management plan may provide unsatisfacory results.

Companies with a strong level of expertise in sprayable turfgrass application are well suited to become FlightControl® Plus Certified Applicators. In addition, half of all FlightControl® Plus applications are conducted in the late fall after final mowing and in early spring just after snow melt. Traditionally, these are time periods when other turfgrass applications are not taking place, providing an additional revenue opportunity for companies who spray turfgrass.

We are continuing to build upon our nation-wide network of Certified Applicators who have been trained in the proper application of FlightControl® Plus and on how to implement an integrated Goose Management Program, and we recommend the Certified Applicators listed on this web site. If your company is interested in becoming a Certified Applicator for FlightControl® Plus, including a free posting on our web site, please call us at (877) 55-GEESE to request an application.

Though not a restricted use product, we recommend FlightControl® Plus be applied by a professional applicator, licensed by your state, to ensure a properly calibrated and even application. Follow the link State Licensing Requirements for more information.