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Parks & Recreation

Managing the Canada Geese Population in Parks

From: Parks & Recreation, Sept. 2015

Parks are vital for community health, whether for sports, picnics, play areas or relaxation. But flocks of previously migratory Canada geese, drawn in recent years by food, water and safety, have settled yearround in many parks, devouring turf, defecating abundantly and leaving some areas virtually unusable.
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Facilities Management

Arkion Life Sciences: Protecting Commercial Facilities from Canada Geese

From:, Aug. 2015

Commercial facilities require a level of safety and professionalism that’s difficult to achieve when dodging Canada geese droppings outside, or worse, tracking it into buildings.
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Homeowner Use

New Goose Repellant Popular with Commercial Landscapers

From: Oakland Lakefront Lifestyles, May 2014

As most lakefront homeowners know, some of the most unwelcome residents are Canadian geese, which, once they settle in, don’t want to leave. Year round, they devour lawns and soil property. People chose to locate near water for the scenery, but not if geese droppings dominate the view.
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SportsField Management

Go Away, Geese!

From: SportsField Management, June 2014

SportsField Management new products lineup featuring FlightControl® Plus from Arkion Life Sciences.
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Parks & Recreation

Canada Goose Repellant

From: Parks & Recreation, June 2014

Arkion Life Sciences has found a clever, humane, eco-friendly way to keep Canadian Geese and their destructive habits out parks, golf courses and playgrounds.
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Funeral Home & Cemetary Use

Arkion Helps Cemetary Managers to Evict Geese

From: Funeral Home & Cemetary News, Aug. 2014

As most cemetary professionals know, some of the most unwelcome residents are Canada Geese, who once they settle in, don't want to leave.
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Cleaning & Maintenance

Tips On Geese Prevention

From: Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online, May 2014

Whether football, baseball, soccer or lacrosse, nothing ruins the condition of a playing field or a campus faster than a flock of resident Canada geese.
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Heartland Boating

Lakeside Property Owners Find Solution to Evict Geese

From: Heartland Boating, March/April 2014

As most lakeside property owners and managers know, some of the most unwelcome residents are Canada Geese, who once they settle in, don't want to leave.
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Funeral Home & Cemetary Use

FlightControl® Plus Helps Prevent Geese Invasion

From: Total Landscape Care, June 2014

One of the biggest problems a landscaper can face has nothing to do with bugs, disease or weather: it's geese.
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FlightControl® PLUS is a goose deterrent with a difference. First of all, during the dormant season it only needs to be applied once on the turf as it is water and snow resistant. Secondly, it's not made from methyl anthranilate (MA), which has an unpleasant odor.*

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