Customer Testimonials

Letter from Craig Knox
Grounds Supervisor
Rochester Community and Technical College

"Thank you for your help and information on FlightControl® Plus. Our usage began in July 2005, and will be continued this coming season. We found your product a very qualified product with proper usage. It does work when expected and according to the label information. Here at RCTC we do have a two-fold problem with our friends (geese) who eat so much good grass, and leave "products" everywhere that are dangerously slippery and semi-toxic to everyone. Our solutions have been many, but the best is, FlightControl® Plus We have found that with timely proper applications and planning that we can move the birds from one location to another without harm to them.

We have many events that bring thousands of people to our campus. Sweeping the walks of droppings seems to be a weekly event on our campus year around. With usage of your product we have cut the need to 7 months a year. During the 5 months of applying the product we have controlled our friends and where they play. We do all the necessary grounds keeping that keeps our 518 acres looking presentable to all.

Costs, time saved, and health related considerations are all the parts that make up our plans when dealing with your product. Rochester has such a large population of birds and it is a matter of our entire community considering the results of what we do here on our campus. Note: Watering, mowing, and timely applications are so important to the success of your product.

We are very satisfied with our first year of usage, and look to another year of success if Mother Nature works well with us this coming year of 2006. Thanks.....Craig RCTC"

Steve Weaver
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
North Carolina State University
College of Veterinary Medicine

Steve Weaver has had a very successful year of FlightControl® Plus applications. We met with Steve in October of 2002. After a complete site inspection, it was determined that 5 acres of FlightControl® Plus would be required to move the resident flocks of 200+ Canada Geese that had overtaken the grassy areas around a pond and near their barns. They were also instructed by us to include habitat modification and egg addling as part of a complete integrated goose management program. Within 2 days of the initial application Steve noticed a significant difference; "I must admit, at first I was somewhat apprehensive with trying a chemical repellent, but FlightControl® Plus dramatically surpassed my expectations. The application program that we initially discussed worked. I applied the product a total of 3 times this past year with optimal results; initially in the fall, then the early winter, and then again in the early spring. We look forward to continuing a total goose management program using FlightControl® Plus. It's the most effective tool that I've found for managing Canada Geese."

Bob Ceccolini
Director of Parks & Recreation
Town of Cheshire

Bob Ceccolini said that his park district encountered "Tons of Geese" this year and were without any type of program to get them under control. "Using FlightControl® Plus really opened our eyes to proven products available for Canada Geese Management. We were thrilled with the results, and are currently planning a comprehensive goose management program to begin in the early spring that will start with an application of FlightControl® Plus."

Steve Finamore
Golf Course Superintendent
Alpine Country Club

Steve Finamore uses our product during heavy geese pressure season. He applies FlightControl® Plus in specific areas where he has no tolerance for the geese. He states " FlightControl® Plus works exactly as described and it definitely keeps Canada Geese off the treated turf." He has had a couple years of experience with the product, and says that he plans on continuing using FlightControl® Plus and that he'll keep it on his list of goose control products, that work.

Corporate Office Grounds of National Utilities Services (NUS) in New Jersey

Increased lawn care costs due to voracious geese stripping the lawn bare which, in turn, caused soil erosion, muddy gullies and weeds! Facility Manager, Ted Poweski, turned to Downes Lawn Care for help. FlightControl® Plus was applied to create a "biological fence" to keep geese off treated areas. Anne Goldberg, member of the Humane Society of the U.S. observed the application at NUS and stated, "I watched five or six geese land on newly sprayed grass. Less than one minute later, they were gone. This product delivers a humane solution that keeps geese away without harming them."

Echo Lake Park in New Jersey

The Director of Park Planning and Maintenance for Union County was upset about the fact that the area around Upper Echo Lake was covered with unsightly goose droppings and grass now barely a half-inch in length -- the area where many people like to gather. A certified FlightControl® Plus applicator, Royal Turf, treated the favorite goose hangout with FlightControl® Plusl and noted the difference as "night and day". A "biological fence" was created to move the geese to where they could be tolerated. The geese are happy and the people who visit Upper Echo Lake can stroll the area looking at the scenery instead of where they are putting their foot down next.

Sweetbriar Golf Course in Ohio

Chasing geese is a full time job, but one which course Superintendent Bill Prest knows has to be done so these geese don't become permanent residents! Screamers were tried but were ineffective once the geese became acclimated to them. Dogs were next in line, but proved expensive to purchase and maintain. He then discovered FlightControl® Plus and agreed to become the test course for the application. Knowing the problem spots on the golf course, Bill planned the spray pattern for FlightControl® Plus and attained the results he was hoping for. Now he's a believer and says, "I was glad to see them leave. It's more cost-effective than a dog for a mild goose problem."