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Want to run your own, very profitable business, in a fast growing industry? We have a proven product which continues to set the standard in goose control business. The number of nuisance geese continues to grow each year greatly expanding the potential business opportunities for you. FlightControl® Plus is very user and customer friendly, very effective, and very "green". We have the ability to help you get your business started quickly!

If you are interested in becoming a FlightControl® Plus Distributor, please contact Lanny Weaver at (302) 504-7424 or via e-mail to:


FlightControl® PLUS is a goose deterrent with a difference. First of all, during the dormant season it only needs to be applied once on the turf as it is water and snow resistant. Secondly, it's not made from methyl anthranilate (MA), which has an unpleasant odor.*

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