How FlightControl® PLUS Works

"To be effective, a chemical repellent must affect the way that the bird perceives the crop."
- Michael L. Avery, National Wildlife Research Center, Gainesville, FL

FlightControl® Plus works in two ways

  1. Anti-feedant (consequence): Geese experience a temporary but very effective digestive irritation, usually within 20 minutes, when they eat turf treated with FlightControl® Plus.

  2. Visual Warning (threat): Geese have four retinal cones (unlike humans, who have three) and have the unique ability to recognize FlightControl® Plus in the ultraviolet light spectrum in addition to the visible light spectrum in which humans see. The appearance of turf treated with FlightControl® Plus is unnatural and, once conditioned to the digestive reaction, the visual signal of the treated turf provides a warning to the geese not to eat the turf.

    Studies have shown that birds will refuse to eat food treated with the active ingredient in FlightControl® Plus once they are conditioned.

Treated turf appears natural when viewed by humans.

Treated turf appears speckled when viewed by geese in the UV spectrum.

What will the geese do after I treat my turf with FlightControl® Plus?

FlightControl® Plus has a unique patent and is unlike any other Canada Goose Repellent on the market today. FlightControl® Plus is NOT made from grapes and will not wash off in rain or irrigation. Compare for yourself the difference between FlightControl® Plus and other repellents.