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Be the hero of your office or neighborhood. Let your property manager that FlightControl® Plus is a solution to your Canada Geese problems. Encourage them to visit our web site or print and deliver (or e-mail) them a PDF copy of our "Stop the Drop" Flyer (66 KB) or our new tri-fold brochure (2 pages, 1,931 KB).

Common Goose Problems (click the one that applies)

Geese "Attacking" Near a Building Entrance or High Traffic Area?

Normally, geese do not "attack" humans, but like any good parent they will aggressively protect their eggs and goslings. Most "goose attacks" take place when humans walk too close to a goose sitting on her clutch of eggs. The Gander will be nearby, ready to shoo away any unwanted guests. And yes, it can be a startling sight!

In the images above, the goose on the left nested in a planter near building entrance. The following year, a shrub was put in the pot. Many geese, such as the one on the right, will build nests next to buildings for protection from the elements and to provide narrower lines of sight from predators. A small strip of wire fencing laid on top of this spot during the nesting weeks and an application of FlightControl® Plus was enough to move this goose to another nesting site the following season.

Canada Geese and their nests are protected by Federal law, and each State deals with the problem differently. You can check with your State's Fish and Wildlife office to find out how to obtain a permit to remove the nest if it is in an area where you anticipate harm to either humans or the geese. Then, follow-up with a FlightControl® Plus regimen to discourage the Geese from nesting in the same area the following season. It is also recommended to use some form of temporary physcial barrier (such as chicken wire or landscaping) over the site the further discourage the strong instinct geese have to build a nest in the same site every year.

  1. Contact your State Fish & Wildlife Office to see if nest removal is possible or use FlightControl® Plus once the goslings have hatched to move the family away from the site.

  2. Use FlightControl® Plus in the fall after the last mowing and in the spring after snow-melt to encourage the geese to locate another nesting site. ADULT GEESE WILL ATTEMPT TO NEST IN THE SAME SITE EACH YEAR! Also, goslings will attempt to return to where they learned how to fly to build a nest once they are sexually mature.

  3. Abandon the area to the geese and use a different entrance.

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Flocks of Geese Feeding in an Unwanted Area?

It is not uncommon, especially during the "pond hopping" months, to see flocks of geese feeding for several hours a day in a "feeding area". Often, they can be observed to feed in an area at the same time each day.

A feeding area will be obvious due to the fecal matter found on the ground and, in many cases, damaged turf due to overgrazing. Treating the area with FlightControl® Plus will condition the geese to leave the area and find an alternate feeding site.

"We just treated a new Park District. The first application was done on 4/2/04 and the goose population went from about 100 'hoppers' to only one pair that had already nested at the site. But the hoppers are no longer stopping at the park!"

Rich Rollins
Owner, Aquatic Weed Technology
FlightControl® Plus Certified Applicator
Roselle, Illinois

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Not Sure Where the Geese are, but Notice Feces Everywhere?

It is common for geese to visit a feeding site during the "pond hopping" months, feeding for a few hours a day and then leaving the site for the rest of the day...but they don't clean up before they go! FlightControl® Plus is the best product available to render the turf at a feeding site unsuitable for geese.

Once again, be the hero of your office or neighborhood. Let your property manager know there is a solution to their Canada Geese problems. Encourage them to visit this web site or print and deliver (or e-mail) them a copy of our "Stop the Drop" Flyer (66 KB) or a product brochure (1,931 KB) .

FlightControl® PLUS is a goose deterrent with a difference. First of all, during the dormant season it only needs to be applied once on the turf as it is water and snow resistant. Secondly, it's not made from methyl anthranilate (MA), which has an unpleasant odor.*

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